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About Medical Innovations

In 1988, Medical Innovations was formed and subsequently became recognised as a world renowned designer and manufacturer of quality hospital equipment boasting innovative engineering solutions.

Medical Innovations undertook the development and marketing of over 400 products. In 1989, Medical Innovations exhibited certain of these products at the Interhospital Exhibition in Hangover, Germany. The EMT-2 operating table obtained the GS/VDE quality approved certificate and won the prestigious Cullinan Design Award in 1990.


Our Vision

To be the Preferred Supplier of Sutures and Wound Closure Material by choice as part of a world class African Healthcare Company.

Our Mission

It is the Mission to provide a range of products that fully meet the initial and on-going requirements of our customers by:

  • Maintaining and improving our image and reputation of striving for technical and business excellence in the products and service supplied to our customers.
  • Promoting customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • Eliminating mistakes, scrap and rework, striving to achieve "zero defects" in both products and service by doing the right things right the first time through effective staff training.
  • Maintaining ISO 9001, ISO 13485 & MDD 93/42/EEC Annex 2) Certification, assessed and certified by an International Accreditation Authority, and hence also complying with demands from customers and international markets.
  • Regularly reviewing and evaluating the Quality Management System in order to maintain and continually improve.
  • Instilling our Quality Policy in all employees by means of appropriate training and Quality and Environmental Awareness Culture development within the company and on-going maintenance of the Quality System.

Quality Policy

Senior Management has established a Quality Policy, which is displayed in various areas of the plant. They have made sure that this policy is a living statement, which is communicated to and understood by all personnel in the organisation. It reads as follows:


It is our stated policy to:

  • Maintain and improve our image and reputation of striving for technical and Business Excellence in the products and service supplied to our customers
  • Strive to achieve “zero defect” in both Products and Service, doing the right things right first time
  • Achieve Quality through the Continual Improvement of our co-ordinated Business Management System, certified to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 & MDD 93/42/EEC.
  • Instil the Quality Policies in all team players by means of appropriate training and Quality & Environmental Awareness Culture development within our company.


The Company

Minus 40 products are manufactured at our modern plant situated next to Cape Town International Airport. Recently acquired computer controlled punching and bending machinery ensures short delivery times and high quality products.

Minus 40 is fortunate to have dedicated, well-trained and loyal staff throughout the company. Many staff members have been with the company for 20 years and more.

A dedicated sales team based in Johannesburg and contract service technicians who specialise in our product range serve the Gauteng market.

Sales representatives regularly visit Sub Saharan African countries to support customers and agents.

A long established dealer network extending throughout South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Botswana and Ghana carries out after-sales servicing.

Each product in the Minus 40 range is designed and manufactured after careful research into the users needs. We welcome on-going feedback from our product users so that we can better serve our customers.

Our History

Minus 40 (Pty) Ltd, was founded in 1975 by a truly innovative South African farmer who recognized that the (amazingly late) introduction of television into South Africa would change the way in which rural communities met their energy needs.

Until then remote dwellings, farms and game lodges, needing lighting, refrigeration and cooking facilities, relied heavily on paraffin and bottled gas. Access to the world of television prompted a switch to diesel powered generators for primary household energy.

The original innovative products produced by Minus 40 was a range of refrigerators and freezers incorporating a eutectic tank to 'store cold' when power was not available. Typically the household generator would operate for 4 hours in the evening to provide power for light and TV. The Minus 40 Coldsaver range was designed to absorb sufficient 'cold' in this short timeframe to remain at the desired temperature until the next operating period next day.

The electricity grid developed significantly in South Africa which meant that the original Coldsaver products were focused into the greater Africa markets which remains the case today.

Marketing & Sales Focus

The marketing and sales strategy is based on developing product solutions for specific target markets and the needs of those market sectors. With South Africa as the company’s home base, the greater African continent is where the major growth opportunities lie for Minus 40's solutions.

The following sectors are the main focus of the many energy efficient options using solar, coldsaver, generator or battery power models:

  • Health & Medical: Vaccine, blood, mortuary fridges and freezers
  • Hospitality & Tourism: Fridges, freezers, cold rooms, underbars
  • Ice Making Solutions: Ice block, flake and cube making
  • Transport: Trailers, off-road, bus fridges and freezers

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